Between The Lines: Synopsis

Cast: 2 male / 1 female.
Availability: Between The Lines is not currently available for production.
Acting Edition:
Between The Lines has not been published.

Brochure copy (1992 world premiere)


Between The Lines is a musical within a musical. While Jenny and Roger the two performers of a 'new musical' try to come to terms with each other's problems, we see in detail the backstage world of the musical theatre, with all of its ups, down and complications. Hence 'Between The Lines.'
In the middle is Stephen, the composer of the music who is both confidante and 'whip cracker' to both of them. Will they ever find out what the plot is? Will they ever understand each other?

Synopsis by Paul Todd
The story starts at their [Jenny & Roger] respective auditions. They are cast and meet to rehearse only to find that there is, as yet, no script. The script and the lyrics arrive throughout the show. They rehearse, open and tour. The actor and actress play Jenny and Roger as well as many attendant characters. Paralleling the pressure of their professional life a personal relationship may be developing, too, unlikely though it seems at one point.

The Songs Of Between The Lines

Act 1
1. Electric Women
2. Saying Goodbye
3. I Don't Want To Do It
4. Liberational Man
5. Voices
6. Photocopy Love
7. Teaching The Children
8. Fancy Meeting You
9. Copytype
10. Much Good
Act 2
1. Strangers On A Train
2. Good-Time Girl
3. The Wife-Swap Dance
4. Someone Wrong
5. Closer
6. Drinking At Charlie's
7. Have You Ever Thought?
8. Love Song
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